Letters to the Editor

July 6, 2014

Were oaks needlessly sacrificed?

Re "Fire crews establishing control lines to protect homes in Yolo County" (Page A1, July 5): While the Sacramento City and Sac Metro Fire Departments did an outstanding job of containing the fire to 40 acres; from viewing the fire live on TV, it appears little or no effort was made to protect the 100-year-old oak stands, even though a bulldozer was available. Part of the problem is they are not wildland fire departments, and while they respond to a number of grass fires, they seldom if ever respond to local forest fire.

New grass will sprout after the first rains this fall. New trees, however, take many years, and most will need to be replanted and nurtured for years. Was there a firebreak by the bike trail? Private landowners who fail to mitigate fire hazards on the boundaries of their property would likely be fined. Efforts need to be undertaken to work to revegetate this fine property.

-- Brian Barrette, Sacramento

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