Different view on myopia

07/06/2014 5:07 PM

07/07/2014 1:19 PM

Re 'Focus on Mental Health,not gun control" (Viewpoints, July 2): Ken Maddox suggests that people "in the media, public square and halls of government" who urge passage of stricter gun control laws suffer from myopia. He feels their energy would be better spent if focused on mental health treatment.

The two pursuits should not be mutually exclusive. The truly myopic view would be the one focusing on the very important issue of mental health treatment while ignoring the urgent need for stricter gun control and enforcement. Maddox's reference to semi-automatic handguns and old six-shooters is puzzling, but I gather he's implying that both pose equal threats or none at all depending on who's holding the weapon.

If it's someone who's mentally ill, that's scary. If that person is holding a weapon with a 50-round clip that can be emptied in seconds, that's scary on a much different plane.

-- Roger Sullivan, Penn Valley

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