Letters to the Editor

July 7, 2014

No drought for the rich

Re "No need to let your grass die" (Page A1, July 7): I recently flew over Sacramento in a Cessna. From the plane, I could see that throughout South Sacramento, the majority of lawns were straw-colored as residents heed the call and do their part in conserving water.

I sometimes walk my dog through the Fabulous Forties in East Sacramento. The lawns there are invariably large and lush and green. I noticed two homes recently rolled out new sod, which requires copious watering daily until it is established. Apparently, the drought doesn't apply to this wealthy neighborhood.

As a general rule, environmental stress such as air and water pollution, drought and climate change affect the poor disproportionately. Wealthy individuals or nations are relatively insulated from environmental problems, at least in the short term.

-- Bruce Gervais, Sacramento

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