Letters to the Editor

July 7, 2014

A critique of the comics

Re Comics: The Bee is to be commended for replacing the reruns of "Doonesbury," despite the strip's brilliance. Original work should be given priority. By the same standard, please, please stop with the eternal reruns of "Peanuts," which wasn't funny for the last 25 years of its original run, and the always annoying, "For Better or Worse" on Sundays. Unfortunately, "WuMo", the replacement for "Doonesbury," is the least funny strip in The Bee, or any other paper, in this or any other universe. Close runners-up for this dubious distinction are "F-Minus" and "Tundra." Please consider some of the fine daily work being done by, for example, "Lio," "Sherman's Lagoon," or even old standbys like "Wizard of Id" and "B.C."

-- Harlan Edmonds, Sacramento

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