Drugs to be only for the wealthy?

07/07/2014 11:07 AM

07/08/2014 11:37 AM

Is it time to nationalize the pharmaceutical industry? The cost of children's vaccines is now 20 times what it was in 1986. Something has to be done.

Our military protects our freedoms and safety from foreign armies. Who is protecting us against the profit-driven drug manufacturers? We hear that the cost of medications is high due to the protracted time it takes to formulate a new drug, test it, and have it approved. Couldn't our universities do the same activities at a lower cost? Let them develop new vaccinations, cancer drugs, and other medicines.

Taking the profit motive out of the equation should result in vast improvement in the cost and value of all drugs. The cost of medicines is making our health costs higher each day. Something has to be done and quickly before only the very wealthy can afford to be healthy.

-- Eileen Glaholt, Sacramento

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