Letters to the Editor

July 7, 2014

Fire works should be illegal

Why is it that every year, the Sacramento Police and Sheriff say, "Call about illegal fireworks," when they don't do anything about it? I've called every year now for at least 10 years, about the bottle rockets that go off over my home, no one ever comes out.

I have to sit every Fourth of July with a hose running, just in case one lands on my house, which they have. I've confronted these people. The only thing that happens is they pull a gun on me. That's the only time the police come out, and nothing is done even then. It's as if law enforcement is afraid of them, but I'm not.

I think all fireworks should be outlawed. Then maybe they will be able to see them going off in the sky and do something instead of looking the other way.

-- Colleen Sellards, Sacramento

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