Letters to the Editor

July 13, 2014

Immigrant children: unanswered questions

Re "Immigrant children deserve compassion, not taunting" (Forum, July 6): I have a few questions. The board says these children are trying to reunite with parents. How is it that their parents are here without them? If they are coming to escape violence in Central America, how did the Obama administration know in January to order buses to shuttle 60,000 children this summer?

Since they knew, why were they unprepared as to how to cope with them? What are they doing to prevent disease from transferring to the general population? Why was a U.S. Congressman not allowed to visit a facility in Texas to see the children and how they were being cared for? It would appear that this was not spontaneous. Who paid for their entrance into Mexico and transportation to the U.S.?

It seems to me that a real news reporter should have a field day with this.

-- Joe Dague, Shingle Springs

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