Letters to the Editor

July 13, 2014

Immigrant children: Enforce our border laws

Re "Immigrant children deserve compassion, not taunting" (Forum, July 6): The Bee offers another emotional, feel-good argument supporting an open borders entitlement mentality. They may "deserve our compassion" but not asylum or open-ended welfare that accompanies staying here. This is a massive human tragedy enabled by the corrupt Mexican government allowing passage through Mexico.

Stop this immediately by boycotting travel to Mexico and imposing trade restrictions. That's what your editorial board should demand, not another non-solution creating additional burdens on America and ensuring that even more children trek here.

Our useless government won't fix illegal immigration. The president said our borders are secured, leaving citizens to clean up a government mess. Time to do what is best for America. Stop your nonsense and support legal immigration. Where is concern for this country and its future?

-- Jim Hudock, Folsom

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