Letters to the Editor

July 8, 2014

Religious intolerance: root of all evil

Re "Iraqi Parliament won't meet until August; insurgents kill key general" (Nation/World, July 7): I know this may be trite, but it has been said that "Most of the world's wars have been fought because of religion." This current situation is no exception.

The war in Iraq is principally an issue of Sunni versus Shiite Islam, Muslims are being harassed by Buddhists in Myanmar and the central government of China in Tibet and Christians are being tortured and killed by radical Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why can't people just be left alone and worship the god they want as they please as a basic human right?

I think the answer is religious intolerance. Don't people realize that a person's relationship with God must be a willing and unforced activity (except perhaps by one's personal conscience)? All laws restricting rightful religious practice should be done away with throughout the whole world.

-- Edward Gantt, Rocklin

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