Letters to the Editor

July 13, 2014

Credit Republicans for 64 Civil Rights Act

Re "Halfway is still only halfway when it comes to civil rights" (Forum, June 29): Pitts' article chides select Republicans to start his rant while ignoring the fact that without Republicans voting for the Civil Rights Act, it would never have passed. There was also selective amnesia when it comes to the fact that Dwight Eisenhower passed similar legislation 7 years earlier but with key elements removed by Johnson and Kennedy.

He failed to mention that Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat, spoke for over 14 hours in opposition to the act. He failed to mention that of 259 Dems, only 152 voted in favor while of 176 Republicans, 138 voted in favor. Three quarters of the no votes were from Democrats. In the senate, 44 Democrats and 27 Republicans voted for cloture. About 80 percent of the no votes were from Dems, two of whom were Byrd and Al Gore, Sr.

-- Stan Bennett, Galt

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