Letters to the Editor

July 10, 2014

BDCP would mitigate criteria pollutant emissions locally

Re "Cap-and-trade won't help in the Delta" (Letters, July 6): Criteria pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions are not the same. Criteria pollutants, such as diesel emissions, are a local issue and would be mitigated in the same air basin and in the same calendar year. They would offset to net zero through participation in existing programs or development of complementary programs. Greenhouse gas emissions on the other hand represent a global problem and thus a less localized mitigation. Thirteen individual strategies have been identified under the Bay Delta Conservation Plan's proposed greenhouse gas mitigation program to reduce greenhouse gas emission to a net zero. Only one of these strategies would be the purchase of carbon offsets- cap-and-trade. Other strategies would be focused on mitigation and offsets within the Plan Area. For more information about the BDCP, we encourage your readers to visit our website at: BayDeltaConservationPlan.com. Public comments may be submitted through July 29.

-- Janet Barbieri, Sacramento

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