Hobby Lobby: Ingratitude is the issue

07/10/2014 7:07 PM

07/11/2014 8:23 AM

Re "Hobby Lobby: Bigger issues at stake" (Letters, July 7): G.K.Chesterton wrote that the highest form of thought is gratitude. May it then follow that the lowest form of thought is ingratitude.

Or as Teri O'Brien said with regard to the overwrought liberal reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision: "The owners of Hobby Lobby have a tough time understanding how they have zero say in a woman's 'choice' about what she does with her body, but 100 percent responsibility to pay for whatever choices she makes."

The perfect logic of that statement always escapes the churlish, perpetually dissatisfied liberal mind. Remember when our schools taught the value of character, standards and conscience? Today, progressives teach our children to want, to demand, to agitate-- and now the logical outcome of this self-centered and entitled movement sits petulantly in the White House.

-- Diane Ottlinger, Folsom

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