Alix Tichelman: Why give her what she wants?

07/10/2014 8:07 PM

07/11/2014 8:23 AM

Re "Cops Say Alleged Hooker is Folsom Femme Fatale" (Page A1, July 10): Whenever an attention seeker jumps, with or without clothes, into the middle of significant sporting events, like a World Cup match, network producers demonstrate quick judgement by not allowing cameras to broadcast the offender and provide the instant fame and glory his actions crave. It makes sense to deny hooligans any thrill from the disruption so as to not embolden the next offender, and it also spares the viewing public the garish intrusion of a ridiculous, often desperate, buffoon into an otherwise enjoyable scene.

I wish the editing staff at the usually judicious Bee had exercised similar restraint before giving the hooker from Folsom the best media campaign a girl could want. Is this story newsworthy? Perhaps, but I felt icky about The Bee's decision to plaster her and her apparently deadly need for attention and publicity across the front and back of my normally relevant morning paper.

-- Dean Gadway, Meadow Vista

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