Letters to the Editor

July 11, 2014

Arena's effect on downtown workers and residents

Re "Don't price out loyal fans in new Sacramento Kings arena" (Editorial, July 10): I love Sacramento, and I love the Kings, but what I really love are Sacramentans, especially those working in low wage jobs that are vital to our city's identity like restaurant workers, hotel workers, retail clerks and service workers.

Our neighbors who are in court asking the Kings to help mitigate the effects of the new arena on downtown workers and residents are right. While we all hope the arena will spur a downtown renaissance, displacing low-wage residents in the process is un-Sacramentan. The city has dedicated huge financial resources and spent important political capital to keep the Kings and support the arena.

Let's make sure downtown workers and residents are part of the success story. Also, let's drop the Marcos Breton approach of vilifying those acting on behalf of or downtown neighbors. Go Kings, do the right thing.

-- William Pavao, Sacramento

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