Why spray for mosquitoes?

07/17/2014 11:07 AM

07/16/2014 1:05 PM

Re "Dead birds raise alarm on West Nile increase" (Our Region, July 12): What exactly are Vector Control Districts using when spraying for mosquitoes? A neonicotinoid? A pyrethrin or pyrethroid? An organophosphate? None of these chemicals are proven safe at any concentration. Dead bees. Astonishing rates of autism. Bats and frogs dying. All have been verifiably connected to pesticides mentioned above.

Nine human cases of West Nile in five counties? Odds of being infected are minuscule, but chemical companies get to sell millions of dollars' worth of toxics due to fear-mongering. Our semi-rural 2 acres in Fair Oaks have not seen a single mosquito in house or yard. Someone is exaggerating. A lot.

The citation of dead birds with West Nile has no bearing on our need to be sprayed. Taxpayer-funded agencies poison people and vertebrates everywhere to protect a tiny fraction. Chemical companies profit. The governed pay.

-- Kristi Anderson, Fair Oaks

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