Letters to the Editor

July 15, 2014

Hunger strike for Gaza

Re "European countries evacuate citizens from Gaza" (Nation/World, July 14): As a U.S. citizen I have become upset with the ongoing carnage in Gaza. I am fed up as a do-nothing President and a do-nothing Congress stand idly by and watch our U.S. tax dollars murder innocent civilians.

For this reason, I am undergoing a hunger strike for Gaza and Palestine. My demands are simple. The U.S. must end all financial and military aid including loan guarantees to Israel. In return, I will end my hunger strike. Until then I will use any and all resources to bring this point home to the U.S. government and the U.S. public.

Incidentally, my wife and three children are currently visiting family in Jerusalem and Hebron for Ramadan. I pray that God Almighty grants me and the Gazans victory to live life unmolested by a racist Israel.

-- Yusuf-Rasheed Reed, Sacramento

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