Letters to the Editor

July 15, 2014

Grizzly: Adding excitement to national park visit

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Much like an amusement park needing a new thrill ride to boost attendance, our national parks need to be repopulated with grizzly bears. Nothing will heighten one's outdoor experience more than sharing the wilderness with a 600-pound carnivore with attitude, that can run 30 miles per hour and bite through an iron skillet.

If the Center for Biological Diversity is granted its wish to have brown bears reintroduced into Yosemite, Kings and Sequoia National Parks, I suggest that each year members of this organization volunteer to conduct a bear census unarmed, without bear spray, and with nice, juicy steaks tied around their necks.

-- Wes Hill, Sacramento

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