Letters to the Editor

July 14, 2014

Border crisis: Addressing kids' health needs

Re "US, other diplomats end meeting on migrant issues" (Nation/World, July 11): I worked as school teacher and administrator with the Imperial County Office of Education in El Centro. I am familiar with the problems and needs of children migrating across the border from less developed countries.

While trying to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of these children in the school environment is important, it is a crucial to ensure the health needs if these students are also addressed. The current migration brings not only the children, but the diseases and viruses that they may have contracted in their home countries.

If the children are released into the local community and school systems, the County Health Departments should be involved in giving inoculations that are required before these children enter into the school system to curtail any reintroduction of diseases that have been long reduced in the United States.

-- William Puddy, Lincoln

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