Letters to the Editor

July 14, 2014

Voting by mail is easier

Re "25 percent turnout in June primary was lowest ever" (Capitol & California, July 11): I believe that voting by mail is the most efficient and convenient way to vote for elections. It's simply much easier to vote by mail since many residents today have busy schedules to work with. It's already amazing that registered voters vote because many eligible voters don't. Mailing votes is the best way to vote because it is the only way people can do so with the schedule they have.

The downside is, voting through mail can cause many people to rush their votes, which will lead many people choosing candidates or propositions they do not fully understand. For example, they might be extremely busy but they realize that they still have to vote. They can quickly mark a check next to whoever's name and just mail it in without knowing who they voted for.

Either way though, voting through mail is easier than any other way.

-- Annie Yu, Stockton

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