Letters to the Editor

July 14, 2014

California State Fair: The freshest fair around

Re "Few fresh ideas at California's slightly stale State Fair" (Editorials, July 12): I respectfully disagree with this article stating the lack of new ideas at the California State Fair. Our family has attended the fair for years, and we're excited with the changes we see.

The new 'CALIFORNIA' letters at the main gate were a fresh change to the landscape of the fair last year, and with miles of beaches lining California's coastline it's nice to see the jungle replaced with a California beach exhibit.

Many exhibits are centered around protecting and sustaining California, educating guests on current issues like living water-wise and the farm-to-fork movement.

Attendance was up last year, and from what we've seen this weekend, it will continue to grow. Try giving the fair another chance, and support this amazing event that puts a smile on the faces of so many, young and old alike.

-- Stacy Molter, Fair Oaks

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