Letters to the Editor

July 14, 2014

Acknowledging the atrocities in Gaza

Re "Israel warns of more strikes, thousands take shelter" (Nation/World, July 13): This article doesn't show both sides of the story. When I say sides, I mean Israel and Gaza. The article talks about how a few Israeli military men get injured, but doesn't mention the thousands of people in Gaza who are dying, getting injured and loosing family.

Something needs to be done about these horrid attacks, and these warnings don't help. They tell the people to run, but to where? A closed border? Once they get to the closed border, they get there only to find more Israeli soldiers waiting to either kill them or send them back. Most victims are children, women and elderly. To know that these people are dying for no reason is disgusting.

These people are left with scars that will never heal. An unfair war of pebbles versus guns and bombs.

-- Leah Dajani, Stockton

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