Letters to the Editor

July 15, 2014

Tenure demagoguery

Re "Teacher tenure ruling gives a chance to broaden opportunity" (Viewpoints, July 14): Neel Kashkari doesn't miss a chance to demagogue. This time it is at the expense of teachers and the laws that protect them.

He says that "Teacher quality is the most important factor in determining whether kids get a good education." It did not take me long in my 35 years of teaching to discover what most research indicates: that socioeconomic factors are the key elements in determining educational success. The most important factor is zip code.

If he understood that, he would also understand why California's ranking low in education and high in poverty point out the need to address the latter, not the former.

Contrary to Kashkari, this is an issue where reasonable minds can disagree. To suggest that those who disagree with him do not "seek to provide a brighter future for all Californians" is but another example of his demagoguery.

-- Jim Speakman, Sacramento

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