Letters to the Editor

July 15, 2014

Fracking during a drought?

Re "Hefty overwatering fines would make clear California is in a drought" (Editorial, July 14): The editorial board makes an important and necessary point that all Californians need to take the drought seriously and that Gov. Jerry Brown's State Water Board should be exercising its authority rigorously. However, the board fails to recognize one of the state's largest and dirtiest water users: the oil and gas industry. Each day the oil industry uses and pollutes more water via fracking and other extreme extraction techniques than thousands of California households every day. I'm already taking great measures to conserve my water use: shorter showers, full washing machines and riding my bike to work. However, as the State Water Board meeting convenes on Tuesday to consider residential water fines, California must also consider fracking's wasteful water practices.

Gov. Brown should consider a ban on fracking while we are in a drought.

-- Daniel Jacobson, Sacramento

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