Letters to the Editor

July 16, 2014

Let the market allocate water

Re "Value of water conservation misunderstood" (Forum, July 13): This article should have been titled, "The value of water misunderstood." That's because we appear unwilling to allocate water in the manner that we allocate virtually every other scarce resources, i.e., using a market price. By allowing the market to set the price for water, there will never be any surplus or shortage, since markets ensure that the supply equals demand (absent spot shortages/surpluses).

Market prices would not force countless poor folk to die of thirst. The water required for survival for one year would be less than 17 cents. If prices rose five fold, it would still cost less than a dollar.

Market allocation of scarce resources has been the most efficient and effective way to allocate resources throughout all of human history. It would give consumers the freedom to chose how to cope with drought.

-- Bob Parrish, Granite Bay

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