Baiting anxiety against the grizzly

07/16/2014 6:07 PM

07/15/2014 8:50 AM

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Fear and anxiety drives all kinds of crimes against humanity as it does against the natural world. Mariel Garza can be applauded for writing "Return of the grizzly," but her opinion that grizzlies should not be let loose in Yosemite, demonstrates that she totally misapprehends the larger issues.

Bragging about all the years she's logged hiking in the mountains does not give her credentials as either a naturalist or an environmentalist. Her natural world is one in which she picks and chooses which creatures will inhabit it. That's not natural at all. Yosemite will not be made safer by the return of the grizzly, but safety is not its purpose. There are lots of small regional parks where Mariel can walk the trails in relative safety.

A great many of us, true naturalists, are indeed thrilled by the prospect of the return of the grizzly to California.

-- Clay Cockrill, Pine Grove

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