Letters to the Editor

July 15, 2014

Hamas must stop firing rockets

Re "Thousands flee Gaza Strip" (Nation/World, July 14): Hamas has started another attack on Israel. Hamas thinks it can wage war on Israel, but screams atrocity if Israel retaliates by waging war on Hamas. Hamas flatly states that its objective is to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. Its rockets target civilian areas of Israel, while Israel attacks military targets.

Unfortunately, civilians get killed and wounded, but this occurs in all wars. During World War II, we bombed Dresden and Hiroshima, causing many civilian deaths and injuries. If Hamas wants to protect the population of Gaza, it must stop the rocket attacks on Israel and recognize the right of Israel to exist in peace.

Would we in this country tolerate rocket attacks from Mexico? Hamas periodically sends rockets into Israel, intending to arouse Israeli to retaliate in order to arouse world public opinion against Israel.

-- Herbert L. Cohen, Sacramento

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