Neel Kashkari owes teachers an apology

07/15/2014 9:07 AM

07/15/2014 8:45 AM

Re "Teacher tenure ruling gives a chance to broaden opportunity" (Viewpoints, July 14): Neel Kashkari applauds the decision in Vergara v. California striking down teacher tenure because "bad teachers are concentrated in low-performing schools" and "(children from economically distressed areas) often end up with the worst (teachers)."

Where exactly did Kashkari do his research to determine that the low-performing schools have a high concentration of supposedly bad teachers? How exactly does he determine that a teacher is bad? Test scores, of which there are many contributing factors? I've taught in low-performing and high-performing schools as have most of my colleagues. The low-performing school where I taught had some of the best teachers with which I've ever worked. You have to be good in these schools or you'll never make it.

I encourage Kashkari to think about what he writes before giving an opinion about something which he seems to know very little.

-- Julia Butz, Elk Grove

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