How do we interest the indifferent?

07/16/2014 5:07 PM

07/15/2014 8:50 AM

Re “Indifference, the story of our time" (Forum, July 13): This forum was very interesting as it called for replies on many topics including the proposed idiotic return of grizzlies to California, Mark Drolette on marriage, and your new interns, but I fear the most important but overlooked article was buried on page E3, "... a culture of indifference", or those just plain uninterested in politics.

Sorry, I don't have any good answer but perhaps your interns and other readers do, I hope. How do you answer an ignorant non-voter who says "I don't vote because all politicians are crooks?" How do we get the attention of those who only read the sports section of The Bee if they read it at all or don't listen to the news on TV?

This indifference could give rise to a Hitler in the USA as it did in Germany, an advanced but troubled country in 1932.

-- William J. Toensing, Nevada City

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