Letters to the Editor

July 16, 2014

Couzens is clueless about soccer

Re "Is it time for soccer to modify offside rule?" (Sports, July 14): Who is Tom Couzens, and does he know anything about soccer? He wants to change the offside rule because it is not exciting enough? This is typical of sports writers who don't understand the game, then want to change them to fit their opinion of how a game should be played. Does he also want to raise the basket because the players in the NBA are getting taller?

Offside is there for a reason: so that it eliminates an unfair advantage for an offensive player over a defensive one. The players know how to deal with this. One very simple way is to make runs on a diagonal, and his description of a defensive player slowing down is impossible because the offside call takes place at the exact time of the kick and slowing down would be after the call is in effect, but he would know that if he knew the rules.

-- Raymond Webber, Rancho Cordova

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