Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Facts, not fears, for grizzly debate

Re "Return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Do I and most readers of The Bee care if Mariel Garza thinks the grizzly should be returned to California? The start of the conversation of a well-informed citizenry should be built upon a foundation of, well obviously, information and not opinion.

Thanks for the your informative opinion piece, Mariel, but you should take your role as a member of the fourth estate more seriously. The fact that you and your gun-toting friends will have a statistically unfounded fear when hiking in Yosemite is not relevant to the public conversation that goes into forming public policy.

Also, your provocative photo choice should have lead to the title "Be afraid of the return of the grizzly."

-- Stephanie Krenzin, Carmichael

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