Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Beyond a culture of indifference

Re "Indifference, the story of our time" (Forum, July 13): Gregory Favre is right about a culture of indifference. We prefer moral indignation and blame rather than working to bring significant healing to our community. We also choose powerlessness in the face of global hunger, terrorism and disease.

The answer always begins locally. We have the power to transform the destinies of a few thousand homeless people in Sacramento, using only a small fraction of the money we are investing in a new stadium. We can provide employment for youth born into poverty and change a legal system that punishes people born into disadvantage and abuse. To transform indifference into action takes a simple act of will, including political will.

The people of the Sacramento region have kind and generous hearts. Let's leave behind our indifference and remember our own struggles. Then we'll be ready to offer helping hands and work to transform systems that have forgotten how to care.

-- Rev. Alan Jones, Carmichael

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