Hobby Lobby: Truth regarding insurance benefits

07/17/2014 9:07 AM

07/16/2014 1:03 PM

Re "Dems seek political edge in contraception ruling" (sacbee.com, July 16): To all of you who are so upset about the Supreme Court's decision, please grow up. Take responsibility for your own actions. No one is being denied access to birth control. If your insurance will not cover it, pay for it yourself.

I need new glasses, but my new policy as required by the Affordable Care Act will not cover glasses, so I have to pay for them myself. When I needed birth control, I had no insurance at all so I paid for my pills myself. I had three children with no insurance, so my husband and I paid the bills. That is what a responsible adult does.

If you truly cannot afford your choice of birth control, please go to any of the free clinics. I am sure they will help you. If you do not like the benefits offered by your employer's insurance, find another job that suits your needs.

-- Susan Perry, Grass Valley

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