Water usage: Do the math

07/16/2014 4:07 PM

07/16/2014 8:53 AM

Re "80 percent should stop wasting water" (Letters, July 15): One does not expect The Bee to subject every letter to peer review, but gross inaccuracies should be rejected or at least noted.

The State Department of Water Resources estimated roughly 73MAF flows in California rivers annually. Farm and ranch use is about 29MAF, and 29 divided by 73 is 40 percent. M&I is less than 10 percent. The remaining 50 percent is reserved for "instream" and environmental use.

Over the past 20 years, the state has refused to deliver water for which farmers contracted and paid. A $500 fine is minuscule compared to paying millions over 20 years for water not received. This year they are paying 100 percent for 5 percent of their contract.

Now that is a penalty.

Do you still think they are wasting water? See Fresno's CATI or San Luis Obiso's irrigation engineering. The pseudo-environmental institutes have not done their math.

-- Pete Pankey, Arvin

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