Drought: Put the sledgehammer away

07/16/2014 9:07 AM

07/16/2014 8:51 AM

Re "Hefty fines would make clear state in severe drought" (Editorials, July 14): The editorial board's support of the draconian fine proposed by the elitist State Water Board comes as no surprise. Instead of going after the big users of the states water such as agriculture, which use over 85 percent of the state's water, you go after the small customer who can't defend themselves. Perhaps $500 may be a drop in the bucket for the editorial board, but $500 is a huge chuck of change for the average homeowner.

Conservation only goes so far. What we need are new sources of water such as desalination plants, storage and the reuse of gray water, not the the financial beating of the average water user.

As for the suggestion of replacing my lawn with drought-resistant plants, will you be paying the thousands of dollars it takes to accomplish that? I thought not.

-- Michael Santos, Antelope

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