Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Cynical Hamas terror

Re "Talks continue" (Editorial cartoon, July 16): I am not sure what Jack Ohman's cartoon with Israeli missiles and Hamas rockets going in opposite directions was trying to say, but if he is attempting to equate the two sides in this latest violence, he is doing a great disservice to the facts.

There is no equivalent here. Hamas is continuing to target Israeli civilian citizens and attempting to terrorize the country. Israel is responding, as any sovereign state would, to protect itself by hitting missile launching sites while attempting to minimize civilian casualties.

Hamas is happy to sacrifice their people by placing their rockets in civilian areas including home, hospitals, schools and Mosques. They are committing war crimes on both sides of the border while cynically trying to manipulate world opinion against Israel.

I trust that most levelheaded people will see through this hateful and fanatical conduct. I hope the Sacramento Bee does.

-- Martin Cohen, Sacramento

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