Letters to the Editor

July 17, 2014

Water conservation: the real wasters

Re "$500-a-day water-waste fine OK'd" (Page A1, July 16): California legislators had better get their checkbooks open. These 100-year-old back room deals are no longer valid. They were made to greatly benefit a very few while placing the burden on everyone else. They have had a long time to correct this inequity. They have failed.

All the conservation measures in the world won't help if there's very little water to conserve. There is no way to predict how much rain or snow there will be. We can ,however, rely on the ocean. If you have to build 20 desalinization plants, then do it. Let the people making all the money from water build them, not the people of California. Those are private companies. It's their responsibility.

The state of Jefferson is looking better every day. Stop stealing my water for your benefit.

-- Robert Woodward, Magalia

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