Letters to the Editor

July 17, 2014

Water conservation: not doing proper job

Re "$500-a-day water-waste fine OK'd" (Page A1, July 16): "Not everyone in California realizes how bad this drought is," State Water Resources Control Board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus said.

Really? Your board and the media have been bludgeoning the public with the fact daily for months. We are the bad guys, we are the water wasters, we are the incompetents.

Wake up, water board members. The California population has almost doubled the in the last 40 years, but have you and your cronies pushed for additional storage, helped expedite permitting, explored desalination or done anything to help the water users of California prepare for the future?

I dare say no, you have not. A little known fact that flies in the face of your hysteria is that the residential use of water in California is 4 percent of the total.

Do your job, and get more storage. You should all resign and quit the beatdown.

-- Phil Vercruyssen, Sacramento

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