Water conservation: $500 fine just the beginning

07/17/2014 2:07 PM

07/17/2014 8:48 AM

Re "$500-a-day water-waste fine OK'd" (Page A1, July 16): My water use is down more than 35 percent so far this year compared to 2013. My reward? Big Brother could now fine me for water that I bought and paid for based on some bureaucrat's opinion of the appropriate use of that water.

Those who use more water already pay more. The fine does not account for a user's conservation efforts or the important fact that they paid for the water. Some might say those users being fined are wasting a public resource. What's next: fining Social Security recipients who enjoy expensive vacations? Fining Medicare/Medicaid recipients that fail to exercise everyday?

Yes, these last two sound extreme, but they may have more moral justification than the water fine as Social Security and Medicare approach insolvency. Aren't they wasting a public resource too?

-- Steve Nash, Granite Bay

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