Letters to the Editor

July 21, 2014

Republican Congressman's bill is right on target

Re "Legislation must not worsen stigma" (Another View, July 16): There are 57 Republican and 31 Democrat co-sponsors for HR 3717. Finally a true bipartisan approach to reaching the most vulnerable of our society. There are 44 Democrats supporting HR 4574, a bill that unlike HR3717:

1. Does not address hospital bed shortages.

2. Does not provide funds for assisted outpatient treatment programs

3. Does not give states incentive to implement need for treatment prior to a loved one becoming dangerous to self or others.

4. Does not untie a parents hands from HIPPA so they can help their loved ones.

5. Does not fund NIMH research into reducing violence.

6. Does not require prioritizing treatment for the most seriously ill.

7. Does not inhibit SAMHSA from giving grants to non-evidenced based programs.

Doris Matsui supports an ineffectual bill that rights nothing of import. Support HR 3717.

-- Gloria Davidson, San Ramon

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