Letters to the Editor

July 20, 2014

Alix Tichelman again? Please

Re "Defense says drug-sex romp was just a consensual affair" (Page A1, July 17): I don't recall subscribing to one of the checkout tabloids, but thought maybe I had when I opened The Bee.

Another front-page photo of Alix Tichelman who's accused of eight felony and misdemeanor counts? The story may be newsworthy, but frequently on the front page? I didn't appreciate the pictures that accompanied the first story. I strongly object to seeing another.

Many Sacramentans are greeted by The Bee every morning. How about starting their days with something more uplifting, like the picture on the front page of the July 17 Living Here section: a county public health nurse helping a mom and her 20-month-old son? Or a picture and story about a family at the State Fair?

I expect better judgement from The Bee.

-- Diane McGuire , Sacramento

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