Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Obama won't listen to Republicans

Re "GOP assails Obama's foreign policy but gives no solutions" (Viewpoints, July 15): Eugene Robinson obviously does not live on this planet if he actually believes the drivel he has written in this article. I think the the Democratic Party wrote the article and had him submit it to the been under his banner.

What recommendations does he think the Republicans can give him now? It is too late to change what Obama has done. Obama from day one has refused to cooperate with the Republicans. He has said more than once that he will sit down with Republicans but will not make any changes. Is this type of attitude what you want in a president?

Obama has gone his own way since he was elected. He's totally out of his element, the international community thinks he is a idiot and he does not understand what the world is really like.

-- Leslie Brown, Sacramento

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