Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Israel wants peace, Palestine rejects it

Re "Israel sends troops into Gaza after cease-fire talks fail" (Nation/World, July 17): Egypt offered to broker a peace deal and a cease-fire, Israel took them up on the offer. Palestine's Gaza Shariah government-led Hamas, by contrast, rejected the cease-fire and continued firing rockets into Israel. That should tell you who wants peace and who does not.

This all started when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed. Hamas would not cooperate to find the boys and their killers, but when a Palestinian boy was killed Israel arrested and is prosecuting the suspect. Hamas has been shooting missiles into Israel for years. If this was happening in the United States, we would try to stop these terrorist attacks as well. Hamas even tells its citizens to martyr themselves and go to sites where there is shelling. This shows us what type of people Hamas are.

I stand by those who want peace, not by those who want constant war.

-- Jose Dela Cruz, Sacramento

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