News bias and manipulation relating to Israel

07/23/2014 2:07 PM

07/23/2014 9:25 AM

Re "Holocaust Museum gets war crime records" (Page A12, July 18): I find juxtaposition of a story relating to the Holocaust placed directly above the article relating to the onslaught in Gaza very telling. I believe it exemplifies the myriad ways U.S. media insinuates propaganda and misinformation of facts into the consciousness of the public.

An informed reader of international media regarding the circumstances surrounding Israel's overwhelmingly disproportionate and brutal destruction of people and infrastructure in Gaza knows that Israel was killing and arresting Palestinians during the entire peace talks that started in August 2013. Hamas kept the peace. U.S. media promotes that Hamas broke this peace. This is not true.

So far, with the help of U.S. media, including The Bee, faulty justifications for an onslaught of immense disproportion still receives support from our government and president. The fourth largest army in the world is waging destruction on a population that is 50 percent under the age of 18.

-- Barbara Candy, Loomis

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