Letters to the Editor

July 23, 2014

Quit blaming the police

Re "Slain hostage's family sadly remembered their 'rock' " (Page A1, July 19): In trying to now shift the blame for Misty Holt-Singh's death to the police department, the article commented about criticisms beginning to surface. What criticisms? The article did not cite any, and to the contrary, cited a suspect's father who found the police action to be justified.

An attorney requesting public records does not constitute criticism, but apparently that is what you want to imply. The comment is not substantiated, but only offered to inflame and prejudice the reader. It's unfortunate that you didn't gain early traction for blaming the police, and couldn't find the third cousin twice removed living across the country who is critical of the police, to have a critical quote.

This article follows an all-to-familiar pattern of The Bee ramping up to blame the police for the death, not the actual people responsible.

-- Dennis Gallagher, Sacramento

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