Letters to the Editor

July 21, 2014

Israeli shelters and missile defense work

"Death toll spikes as invasion grows" (Page A1, July 21): Why are the civilian casualties so low in Israel despite over 1,500 rockets being fired from Gaza in the last two weeks? It's not because Hamas isn't trying hard enough. Israel built a missile-defense system that has a 90 percent accuracy record. She built a warning system and bomb shelters so that her citizens can seek protection from incoming rockets and missiles.

On the other side, Hamas has not invested a dime to protect her people. She has poured tons of concrete to build tunnels and shelters for missiles and other weapons. Instead of warning people to leave combat areas, they encourage them to stay, daring the Israelis to shoot. It is the Israeli military that warns Gazan civilians that they are in harm's way. Moreover, we have seen that Hamas deliberately stores weapons in civilian areas, inviting an Israeli military response. Those are the facts.

-- Gilbert Stein, Aptos

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