Letters to the Editor

July 25, 2014

Are healthy trees and neighborhoods disposable now?

Re "Commission scans tower proposal" (Our Region, July 25): Thousand Oaks lost 200 oak trees to developer greed. In Sacramento, Kennedy Wilson, an investment firm, wants city permission to destroy more than 200 large trees, public green space and 206 two-story apartments at Capitol Towers and Villas. If approved, this speculative project of super-size, high-rise and mid-rise apartments and parking garages, is likely to result in giant holes, land vacant for years and negative effects on neighboring residential buildings.

Capitol Towers and Villas, and neighboring Bridgeway and Pioneer Towers, together comprise a successful high-density neighborhood -- 748 units total -- initiated by city redevelopment in 1959. There are numerous vacant lots, blighted buildings and unused industrial properties that could be used for new housing without destroying a highly successful neighborhood, tree canopy and urban green space.

-- Judith Lamare, Sacramento

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