Letters to the Editor

July 24, 2014

Grizzlies: Leave them alone

Re "Grizzly bears" (Forum, The Conversation, July 20): The letters regarding the grizzly were well intended, but their reasons for bringing the grizzly back were wrong.

The mountain lion and bear belong in the wild. Unfortunately, they won't stay there once the food and water is depleted. As the drought continues, they will come out of the mountains and into the valley hunting salmon alongside you and I. To claim we know what's good for them is nonsense. How many black bears have been put down because of human encroachment? The idea of bringing such a majestic animal into an environment where they will find pollution, guns and gawking humans is beyond belief.

As much as we want to see this lovely mammal, we should not be allowed anywhere near them. These are not teddy bears. Sadly, bringing them closer to humans will kill them. Leave them where they are: safe, alone and happy.

-- Kathleen Stricklin, Sacramento

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