Letters to the Editor

July 22, 2014

Soccer teams need to engage U.S. fans

Re "West Bromwich dismisses its role as Goliath" (Sports, July 21): For years now, I've developed a desire to connect with international soccer. What better way to engage with the worldwide consciousness than through the most universal sport, its stories, traditions and pathos.

This year's World Cup exhilarated many with some drama and a bit of players' introductions. Then, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Starting with our own Sacramento Republic FC, get on the ball. Host events at Bonn Lair and Streets of London; introduce us to some of our own team's players and show us how the world soccer system works. We want to be engaged and to know those touching players' stories. We want to get teams more like the New York Yankees and our Oakland Athletics.

Meanwhile, I don't even get which games lead to what or who I should care to root for.

-- Mitch Darnell, Sacramento

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