Israel is not the aggressor

07/22/2014 12:07 PM

07/22/2014 9:01 AM

Re "Death toll spikes as invasion grows" (Page A1, July 21): Without knowing the facts, a reader would likely conclude from Joel Greenberg's article that Israel is the aggressor in Gaza. After all, there were more than 430 Palestinians dead and only 20 Israelis in the last 10 days of fighting.

The facts are:

1. Israel protects its citizens, while Hamas uses its citizens as human shields.

2. Israel's shelters and "Iron Dome" defensive systems protect its citizens from Hamas' rockets fired daily into Israel.

3. In contrast, Hamas launches rockets from residences, Mosques and schools where civilians are used as human shields.

4. The Israeli Army, IDF, called residents of Shuja'iya, Gaza to evacuate, while Hamas told their citizens to stay.

Nowhere in Greenberg's article is mention of John Kerry's statement that "Hamas uses civilians as shields." Israel is not the aggressor. Israel is simply trying to protect its citizens.

-- Alice Ginosar, Carmichael

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