Letters to the Editor

July 23, 2014

Sutter Health: Suing isn't the answer

Re "Court halts $4 billion privacy suit against Sutter Health" (Business, July 21): While the possibility of the invasion of one's medical records is definitely concerning, issuing a lawsuit seeking a compensation for each patient is both extreme and inefficient.

I was a little disappointed by the article's lack of emphasis on the strain the lawsuit would have placed on Sutter Health. I would like to highlight that the $4 billion could have been better spent not only on patient care, as Sutter spokesman Bill Gleeson mentioned, but also on action to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Through establishing electronic health records, Sutter Health aimed to provide more efficient and therefore lower cost and higher quality health. Had the lawsuit passed, the American litigious mindset would have set Sutter Health a huge financial step backwards, which could lead to cost-shifting to patients who may not be able to afford the increased costs and also to patients receiving compensation.

-- Sunwoo Yoo, Carmichael

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